Benefits of Electrum Internet.

Excessively Fast

Wifi Hotspot

Super-Fast Speeds

Free Computer Support

Connect all your devices and access
high speed Internet with ease

Make your luxury Broadband Internet experience even better with fully managed home WiFi and Internet service.

Now, take control of your home network. You finally have the power over all the devices in your home.  Plus, with all the newest wireless tech packed into the GigaCenter, you will get unprecedented performance in wireless speed and coverage that reaches throughout the entire home.

Electrum Internet aims to help our customers overcome these WiFi challenges.

Interference: Doors and walls obstruct Wi-Fi signals. Radio interference from baby monitors, cordless phones, microwave ovens, and garage door openers can degrade performance and disrupt Wi-Fi coverage. As we all add more Wi-Fi smart devices within the home, this problem will only continue to grow. Electrum is the solution.

Get Ready for Electrum High Speed Internet

Get ready for cutting edge Gfast technology, more speed and more of everything you expect from a internet service provider.
We’re bringing gigabit Internet to all our customers, starting in 2019.

Download up to 1Gbps

Slow internet is now the thing of the past when your on Electrum internet.

99% Internet Up time

Always on the world wide web doing what you love most without downtime.

24/7 Customer Support

Talk to a real person anytime of the day or night. No robots.




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